5 Important Facts About Why You Should Buy Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Many Utah homeowners want to add a home improvement project that adds a modern touch and convenience to a home. Your garage is a great place to start in creating a smart home system. Upgrading your garage door opener is an easy fix to a garage that needs extra tender loving care. Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Models have a variety of capabilities that you should know. If you want to learn more about the various models of Liftmaster Garage Door Openers, Right Choice Doors Utah is here to help.

5 Important Fact About Why You Should Buy Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

They are Quieter

A freight train sound coming from your garage door can be frustrating and annoying. If you are looking for a quieter garage door opener model, Liftmaster is your choice. Belt-driven garage door openers with DC Motors such as Liftmaster WLED and wall-mounted openers like Liftmaster 8500W operate silent mode.  They work in a quieter hum so it won’t disturb any family living nearby.

They are Smarter

A smart home starts with a brilliant garage. Liftmaster Garage Door Openers seamlessly works with the myQ app, wherein it allows you to monitor and control your garage door anywhere. Liftmaster Secure View has a built-in camera that records and allows 2-way communication to my app, making it more convenient and safe. 

They are Brighter

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener has specific models with built-in LED lighting, which illuminates the whole garage space brightly and evenly from corner to corner. It is ideal for people who use their garage with multi-purpose usages such as a home office and workout area.

They are Safer

Photo eyes, safety reversing sensors are must-haves if you want to have the latest safety features of a garage door opener. These features prevent injuries by switching the downward travel when someone or something breaks in the invisible beam. 

They are Space Savers

Conventional garage door openers are usually attached to the ceiling, while Liftmaster 8500W is mounted beside the garage door. Wall-mounted garage door openers allow you to have that extra ceiling storage space and help you achieve a clutter-free garage. Besides that, you won’t feel the operating vibration from your garage door opener even when attached to your living space.

Do homeowners and business owners value the role of a camera watching over their garage?

As a homeowner or a business owner, you do not only give importance to investing in a great place to live and work. You also want to keep it safe and secure. Most Americans use a garage as their primary key entry point to their property. Setting up extra eyes and ears on it is a smart move to keep your home and business protected. Liftmaster Secure View is on