Garage Door Opener Remote Near Me – 6 Common Issues You Should Know

Garage Door Opener Remote Near Me

Garage door opener remotes are common household devices these days. They make our lives easier by providing an easy way to open and close our garage doors. These are usually very reliable gadgets, but like any other product, they can malfunction from time to time.

Before you frantically google for “garage door opener remote near me,” you need to learn about the six most common issues with this handy device. Our experts at Right Choice Doors in Utah also share some tips for troubleshooting. Here they are:

1) The remote doesn’t seem to be working at all.

Before dialing your local garage door repair technicians in Utah, you can also try reprogramming your garage door remote. Perhaps it needs to be reassociated to the opener machine because the signal was interrupted.

This is typically done using the “learn button”. Immediately hold the button on your remote for 3-5 seconds or until the indicator light on the garage door blinks. Your remote should work like new again if the pairing was successful.

2) The remote works intermittently. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

This is often caused by a dying battery. Garage door opener remote batteries are usually easy to change – just pop open the remote and replace the old battery with a new one.

3) The range of the remote seems to be shorter than it used to be. 

There could be several reasons for this, but a common one is that the metal on your vehicle is blocking the signal. If this is the case, try parking your car in a different spot or angle in the garage.

4) The door won’t budge when closing – Garage Door Opener Remote Near Me

This is usually a sign that your garage door opener’s sensors are misaligned. Garage door openers have two photo-eye sensors on each side of the garage door. These prevent the door from closing if something is blocking its path. If these sensors are blocked or out of alignment, the door will not close.

5) The door opens but then quickly closes again before you can get in

The safety reversing mechanism has probably been activated. This can happen if a sensor on the garage door detects anything (a person, pet, or object) in the way of the door as it closes.

6) The opener seems to be working fine, but the door isn’t moving

This is typically caused by a broken or worn-out opener, meaning your remote is not to blame this time. Garage door openers have a lifespan of around 10 years, so if your opener is on the older side, it might be time for a replacement. For cases like this, you may need professional garage door technicians.

Garage Door Opener Remote Near Me

We hope our tips can help you if you encounter any of the garage door issues mentioned above. If you think the problem is not with the garage door opener remote and DIY troubleshooting won’t work, just call Right Choice Doors.

Our team offers 24/7 garage door opener repair, maintenance, and installation in Salt Lake City, Layton, Ogden, Bountiful, and other surrounding areas in Utah. You can schedule an appointment online or visit our main office at 732 N 150 E, Layton, UT 84041.