What do you need to know about Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement near me?

One of the most significant parts of your garage door is the torsion spring that enables it to move up and down. If your garage door’s torsion spring gets broken, you need to call for your local garage services, just like Right Choice Doors Utah. Immediate help from professionals will help you determine if you need a repair or replacement for your garage door torsion spring. But, first, let’s get to know what a torsion spring is and how it works.

How does a garage door torsion spring work? 

The torsion spring of your garage door is the central part responsible for opening and closing your garage door. It must be in good condition and matched adequately to the garage door to function. Most garage doors have a torsion spring on the upper right or left corner in your garage door depending on the make and model of your garage door. The garage door cables and torsion spring work together to tighten and unwind from opening and closing your garage door. 

Signs that you need a Garage Door Torsion Replacement near me 

The Torsion Spring is Getting Weak

The torsion spring of your garage door repeatedly contracts and expands in everyday use. Depending on the service and maintenance, torsion spring typically lasts from seven to nine years. To determine whether your torsion spring is sturdy enough or needs replacement, you can manually lift your garage door to the waistline level. If it goes up all the way, it means that it is still reliable, but if it goes down, it only means that you need a torsion spring replacement near me.

Obvious Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion wear out the springs in your garage door, which exposes the risk of failure that can happen sooner or later. To avoid rust and corrosion, proper use and maintenance to keep your torsion spring function efficiently.  During the winter season, there’s a possibility that rusts can develop, and you need to check it during the warmer months since accumulated rusts will start to appear. You can always contact Right Choice Doors Utah and let them check your garage door torsion spring for possible replacement.

Broken Springs

When opening and closing your garage door becomes too difficult, it could mean that there are broken springs.  It could also mean that the cables are dangling, or your garage door looks crooked or if it is not on track. When you see these warning signs, it’s time for you to contact your local garage door services.

Can I replace my garage door torsion spring by myself?

Due to a lot of tension coming from the torsion spring in your garage door, repairing or replacing them without prior knowledge and experience exposes you to the dangers of getting injured. A torsion spring needs to be measured precisely to fit into your garage door; only professionals can do this job efficiently and safely. Right here in Utah, Right Choice Doors is here to provide you with all the garage door services that you need with safety and customer satisfaction in mind.

Trust your Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement near me to Right Choice Doors Utah.

Right Choice Doors Utah has a team of certified technicians in all kinds of garage doors and handles all types of springs for repair and replacement. We are a five-star reviewed garage door service in Utah, and we couldn’t agree more. Call us at 801-876-1687 or visit our website and book your torsion spring replacement online today!

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