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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Garage Doors

Garage door inspection.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Garage Doors

July 3, 2024

Regular preventative maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of your garage door. By taking proactive steps, homeowners can enjoy the smooth, safe, and efficient operation of their garage doors while avoiding costly repairs. This guide highlights the numerous benefits of the consistent upkeep of these integral home features.

Understanding Your Garage Door Mechanism

A garage door is a complex system comprising various components that work together to ensure smooth and safe operation. Understanding these components is crucial for identifying potential issues and performing preventative maintenance to prevent costly repairs.

Garage Door Springs

  • Torsion Springs: These springs are mounted horizontally above the door and store energy as they twist. They release this energy to facilitate smooth movement. Due to their high tension, torsion springs are responsible for counterbalancing the door's weight and should only be serviced by trained professionals.
  • Extension Springs: These springs are installed vertically along the sides of the door and stretch and contract to support the door's weight. Extension springs are less commonly used due to their relative weakness and require more parts to operate, making them more prone to wear and tear.

Tracks and Rollers

  • Tracks: These are typically made of galvanized steel and have three components: vertical tracks on either side of the door opening, horizontal tracks overhead, and curved tracks that connect the vertical and horizontal tracks. Correct installation and alignment of the tracks ensure smooth operation and prevent binding or jamming. Regular inspection and maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, are necessary for optimal performance.
  • Rollers: These small components allow the door to glide smoothly along the tracks. They are typically made from nylon, steel, or durable plastic materials. The choice of roller material depends on factors such as noise reduction, durability, and cost. Regular lubrication is necessary for smooth rolling across the track.
Garage door preventative maintenance of Tracks and Rollers.

Lift Cables

These cables are made of galvanized wires twisted into thick strands. They are attached to the bottom of the garage door and wrap around a roller drum as the springs engage.

The cables are critical for lifting the door and securing the springs if they break. Over time, the metal wires in the cables can break, causing progressive fraying and eventual failure. Regular inspection and maintenance are necessary to prevent damage.

Garage Door Opener

  • Operator: This houses the motor that powers the system and is controlled by a wall button, keypad, and/or remote. Modern operators can be Wi-Fi enabled for remote control.
  • Drive Mechanism: This includes the belt or chain that connects to the garage door via the carriage and trolley. The carriage is pulled along the horizontal track to open and close the garage door, and the trolley connects the carriage to the belt or chain.
  • Emergency Release Rope: This allows manual door operation in case of a power outage or opener failure.
  • Sensors prevent the door from closing on objects or people by shooting an invisible beam across the opening. If the beam is broken, the door reverses direction.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures your garage door's smooth operation and longevity. This includes:

  • Lubricating rollers and hinges to prevent squeaking and ensure smooth movement.
  • Cleaning and inspecting tracks to prevent binding and jamming.
  • Inspecting and replacing damaged or worn-out cables to prevent failure.
  • Adjusting and replacing springs as needed to maintain proper balance and operation.
  • Performing routine checks on the opener system to ensure proper function and safety features.

Importance of Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is a crucial component in maintaining the integrity of your garage door. It helps to prevent water, snow, and debris from entering, ensuring its longevity and protecting the contents inside. Regular inspection and replacement of weatherstripping are essential for effective weatherproofing and preventative maintenance.

Tips for Effective Weatherproofing

Effective weatherproofing is a crucial aspect of preventative maintenance for your garage door. Here’s how you can ensure your garage door stays well-protected against the elements:

  1. Inspect and Clean: Regularly inspect your garage door for signs of wear and tear, and clean it thoroughly to ensure proper sealing. This includes cleaning the tracks, rollers, and other moving parts to prevent corrosion and ensure smooth operation.
  2. Replace Weatherstripping: Check your weatherstripping annually for signs of damage, such as cracks, tears, or brittleness. Replace it as needed to maintain a tight seal and prevent drafts.
  3. Install Threshold Seal: A threshold seal is a barrier that attaches to the garage floor, filling gaps between the door and the floor. This helps to prevent water and debris from entering the garage.
  4. Insulate Your Garage Door: Insulating your garage door can significantly improve its energy efficiency. Kits containing pre-cut insulation panels and adhesive can be used.
  5. Apply Caulking: Caulking around the edges of the garage door and panels helps to seal gaps and prevent cold air from entering. This is especially important for wooden garage doors.
  6. Install Garage Doorstop: A garage doorstop, known as a bottom seal, provides a barrier against dust, dirt, drafts, snow, and moisture. To maintain a tight seal, regularly inspect and replace it as needed.

Testing the Auto-Reverse Feature

The auto-reverse feature is a critical safety mechanism in garage doors. It prevents injury and damage by reversing the door's direction if it encounters an obstruction while closing. To test this feature:

  1. Place a solid object, such as a piece of wood or a pool noodle, in the path of the closing door.
  2. As the door contacts the object, it should immediately reverse direction and fully open.
  3. If the door does not reverse, adjust the force settings on the opener to increase sensitivity. If the problem persists, contact a professional for repair.
Preventative maintenance of Testing the Auto-Reverse Feature.

Checking and Maintaining Photo Eye Sensors

Checking and maintaining photo eye sensors is an integral part of preventative maintenance. Photo eye sensors are safety devices that use an invisible beam of light to detect obstructions in the door's path. If the beam is broken while the door is closing, the door will automatically reverse to prevent injury or damage.

To ensure proper function:

  1. Inspect the sensors to ensure they are clean, aligned, and undamaged.
  2. Break the invisible beam by waving your hand or a solid object between the sensors while the door closes. The door should immediately reverse direction.
  3. Check the sensors' wiring and connections if the door does not reverse. If the problem persists, replace the sensors or contact a professional for repair.

Prevention and Treatment of Rust

Rust is a significant issue that can cause damage to metal components, including garage doors. Understanding the causes of rust and implementing effective prevention and treatment methods is crucial.

Causes of Rust

Rust is caused by the combination of moisture, oxygen, and certain chemicals. It can occur on any metal surface, including garage doors, and can lead to significant damage if left unchecked. The most common causes of rust include:

  1. Moisture: Water and humidity can accelerate the rusting process by providing a medium for the reaction between oxygen and metal.
  2. Oxygen: Oxygen is essential for the rusting process, as it reacts with the metal to form rust.
  3. Chemicals: Certain chemicals, such as salt and acid, can accelerate the rusting process by increasing the metal's reactivity.

Prevention and Treatment of Rust

Preventing rust is the most effective way to maintain the integrity of your garage door. Here are some methods for preventing and treating rust:

  1. Ceramic Coatings: It offers a protective layer that repels water and dirt. This makes it easier to keep the door clean and prevents rust-inducing elements from reaching the metal.
  2. Electronic Rust Protection Systems: These systems use a weak electric current to interfere with the electrochemical reaction that causes rust. This provides continuous protection without the need for regular reapplications.
  3. Undercarriage Washes with Rust Inhibitor: This is essential to remove dirt, salt, and grime. This cleaning process also forms a protective layer that repels moisture and chemicals.
  4. Protective Undercoatings: It offers a robust solution for shielding the underbody of the garage door from rust. They protect it from harmful elements like water, salt, and debris.
  5. Moisture Absorbers: Moisture absorbers or car-specific dehumidifiers help maintain a dry interior, which prevents rust inside the garage door.
  6. Ventilation Strategies: Proper ventilation is key when storing a garage door to prevent rust. Secure ventilation strategies, such as breathable car covers, can significantly prevent rust.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is essential for ensuring the effective prevention and treatment of rust. This includes:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the garage door and its components helps to remove dirt, salt, and grime, which can accelerate the rusting process.
  2. Inspections: Regular inspections of the garage door and its components help to identify early signs of rust and address them before they become major issues.
  3. Maintenance Checks: Regular maintenance checks ensure that all components function properly and address any issues promptly.

The Role of Professional Inspections

Professional inspections are important for keeping your garage door safe and working well. They help find problems before they become big issues, so you can fix them quickly and affordably. Regular inspections by trained professionals also help prevent accidents and ensure your garage door follows safety rules.

Signs You Need to Call a Professional

Certain signs mean you should call a professional to help with your garage door:

  1. Complex Problems: If you have a complex problem, like an electrical or plumbing issue, it's best to call a professional to ensure it's fixed correctly.
  2. Emergency Repairs: If your garage door breaks or won't open or close, you must call a professional to fix it quickly and safely.
  3. Preventative Maintenance: Regular maintenance is important to keep your garage door working well and safe. This includes tasks like lubricating moving parts, cleaning tracks, and checking for signs of wear and tear.
  4. Code Compliance: If you're unsure if your garage door meets local housing codes and regulations, it's best to call a professional to ensure everything is done correctly and safely.
Professional inspection.


Preventative maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your garage door. By regularly checking and servicing parts like springs, rollers, and cables, you avoid sudden failures and costly repairs. Maintenance ensures every component functions smoothly, enhancing safety and reliability.

Develop a routine maintenance plan today. Set regular intervals for inspections and replacements. This proactive approach saves time and money. It also keeps your garage door in top condition, effectively securing your home.

Take action with Right Choice Doors to safeguard your garage door's future. Our team excels at delivering high-quality services at competitive prices. Trust them to provide timely and reliable repairs that meet your satisfaction.

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