Broken Garage Door Springs

Every part of your home requires a bit of TLC and maintenance at times, which also applies to your garage doors. Your garage is an important feature of your home as it provides valuable storage space but also ensures that your possessions are kept safe at all times. At Right Choice Doors our priority is to fix any broken garage door springs so that you can get on with the rest of your day and know that your car or personal possessions are safe from prying eyes at all times. 

How To Know If Your Garage Door Springs Are Broken? 

You will notice that something is amiss when you go to open your garage door and find that it does not open or shut correctly like it normally would. 

You Have a Heavy Door 

The first problem that you might notice is that your door feels particularly heavy when you attempt to open or shut it. Normally it should open or close with ease but when it feels heavy, this can be an indication that your garage door springs are either worn out or are broken. 

There Is a Gap In The Spring 

This is a more noticeable sign of wear and tear, when a gap in the spring emerges. Your garage door springs should be able to move smoothly when you want to open or shut the door, but if there is a visible gap that was not there before then it can indicate that it is time to get it fixed. 

You Have Loose Cables 

When your garage door is functioning well, the cables that help to open and shut your door should be in place. If you notice that they start to hang loosely then it could be that your garage door springs are broken and need replacing completely. The garage door springs should be able to keep your cables in place if they are working normally, so if you notice that they are really loose then it is time to fix your garage door springs. 

The Importance of a Fully Functioning Garage Door Spring 

The springs form an important part of your garage door as this is what enables your door to open and shut easily. Your garage door will either have a torsion spring or extension spring fitted. Torsion springs are likely to be located above your garage door and are typically used for larger sized garages. Whereas an extension spring will typically be on one side of your garage door or sitting above the tracks or cable system. So if this starts to malfunction it can be dangerous to yourself or your family as a faulty garage door spring could cause you serious harm or injury if not looked at by a professional.  

Signs That Your Garage Door Springs Are Breaking 

In order to prevent any injuries to yourself or your family you want to check that your garage door is able to open and close with ease. You will notice that there is a problem with your garage door spring if you notice any of the following. 

A leaning door

Your garage door should be aligned at all times, so if you notice that it is starting to lean then this could be an indication of a faulty garage door spring that needs replacing. 

Squeaky Spring Noise 

If the spring starts to make a squeaking noise every time you open your garage door then it could be time to check it. It might be a sign that your garage door spring is starting to wear down drastically which could easily snap. 

Anything that does not appear normal should be checked out by a member of our team immediately as it can be very dangerous if the garage door springs were to suddenly snap away. By getting in contact with us you can rest assured that we will fix your garage door spring so that you can continue with the rest of your day, knowing that yourself or your family are safe from any garage door injuries. 

The Different Garage Door Repair Solutions We Provide at Right Choice Doors 

Here at Right Choice Doors we have a repair solution to fix your garage door in no time. Our highly qualified and experienced team will take a look at your garage door and be able to find a suitable repair solution so that you can have your garage door working in no time. 

Replacement Springs

There are several different repair solutions that we will offer in order to fix your garage door as soon as possible. Once our team is able to take a look they will then find a suitable solution. If we notice that you need parts replaced then we will fit your garage door springs with longer lasting ones that are of high quality. So you can rest assured that your garage door will be back to working as normal within no time. 

New Garage Door Rollers and Tracks 

Once we take a look at your garage door we will be able to identify whether the roller or track needs to be replaced. Continuous use or general wear and tear can start to wear down your garage door roller or track, so if it is no longer moving smoothly or with ease then these parts will most likely need replacing. We will establish why your garage door is no longer opening smoothly and simply replace your garage door roller or tracks if this is the cause of the problem. 

Door Realignment 

If you cannot open or shut your garage door with ease then it might be that your door simply needs to be realigned so that it can move smoothly again. We are able to provide door realignment as part of our repair service, if we notice that it does not need replacing. This will enable you to continue to use your garage with ease without the worry that it will get stuck whenever you try to move it. 

Here at Right Choice Doors our mission is to fix any damaged or worn out garage door springs so that you can continue to use your garage with ease, knowing that it is safe to use and will protect your homely possessions at all times. 

So if you are in need of a garage door replacement specialist then do not hesitate to get in contact with us today so that we can provide a helpful solution to your garage door spring needs.