Explore The Best Garage Door Openers for Secure and Convenient Parking

 Best Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are constantly improving and evolving to provide convenience and safety to homeowners. Some types of garage door openers are keyless, while others operate with the sound of your voice. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your garage door opener, you can consider many garage types that would suit your needs. If you want to have a detailed guide on what garage door opener fits your needs, you can contact Right Choice Doors right here in Utah.

Types of Garage Door Opener

Chain Driven

Chain Driven Garage Door Openers use a  metal chain to drive the trolley up and down to open and close the garage door. It is the most affordable and durable type of garage door, but it can get too noisy when in use.


This garage door opener uses a rubber belt to drive the trolley up and down to open and close the garage door. Unlike the chain-driven garage door opener, belt-driven garage door openers are much quieter. Belt-driven garage door openers require less maintenance than chain-driven, but they come at a higher initial cost.


Suppose speed is your primary factor when choosing a garage door opener. In that case, a screw-driven garage door opener is the best option for you. Screw-driven garage door opener uses a threaded steel rod to move the door up and down, wrapping the wire around to pull the door up and unraveling it to let it down. A screw-driven garage door opener is known for its reliability and durability.  Still, it requires high maintenance but, not strong enough to handle heavier doors. This type of garage door opener is suitable for single-car door use.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted garage door openers are also called jackshafts. A torsion bar drives the pulleys and cables to move the door up and down. This garage door opener is suitable for all kinds of doors, but it can be pretty expensive.

Features and Benefits to Consider When Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener


A part of your home improvements is an efficient garage door opener. Upgrading your garage door opener is the best investment to improve its efficiency to keep up with energy-saving consumption in your household. 


Safety is one of the most significant factors to consider when considering buying or upgrade a garage door opener. Suppose the building of your garage door is way a long time ago. In that case, it is vital to look for a garage door opener that does not expose you to the risk of fatalities and security issues.

Smart Device Integration

Some garage door openers allow you to integrate into innovative home systems and controllers within your smartphone. Intelligent device integration will enable you to check your garage door on your phone whenever you feel like you’ve forgotten to close the garage door. It also allows a keyless entry system making it more convenient for you.

When do you need to change your garage door opener?

Deciding on when to change or upgrade your garage door opener depends on many factors such as convenience, safety, and noise control. Happen to notice that your garage door opener is not efficient anymore in providing you with safety, comfort, and noise control. It might be best to upgrade or buy a new garage door opener. 

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