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Fix Garage Door: 5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

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Fix Garage Door: 5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

December 17, 2021

Do you notice that your garage door makes loud, unpleasant noises upon opening or closing? Perhaps it doesn't open smoothly, and you have to force the garage door to go up or down. These are common signs your garage door requires repairs or maintenance. If you encounter any of these issues, then it's time to put the "fix garage door" in your to do list to avoid further damage and ensure the door functions safely and efficiently. Let's address these problems together and get your garage door functioning flawlessly again.

Call Right Choice Doors right away and don't delay for times like these. Acting soon can help prevent costly damages and risking injuries or damages to your property. Our garage door repair experts in Layton, UT, share five signs that you need professional "fix garage door" rescuing ASAP.

To-Do List #1: Fix Garage Door

The presence of loud and unpleasant noises while operating, difficulty in smooth movement, or the necessity to exert force while opening or closing clearly suggests that your garage door needs urgent attention. By promptly addressing these concerns, you can guarantee the door's optimal functionality, thereby enhancing safety and convenience in your daily activities.

1. Loose or broken garage door springs

If the springs on your garage door are loose or broken, it can cause critical damage to both the door and the opener. This could be an indication that your spring needs replacing. An additional sign that your garage door spring needs to be replaced is a loud screeching noise that you hear when opening or closing the door. For spring replacements, just visit our website and get a quote for free.

2. Broken garage door cables

Another sign is if you see exposed or broken cables outside the rollers. If these are exposed, they can come unhinged at any moment. Exposed cables could cause injury to children and pets who play in the area.

Similarly, you may need to fix the garage door rollers if the door operates slowly. Rollers are commonly made of nylon and other plastic materials that can wear down over time. Our garage door repair specialists in Utah can install high-quality replacements for you.

3. Weird noises and banging sounds on your garage door

At times, even when your garage door appears to be in motion without hitches, a persistent banging noise accompanying its operation could be an indication of an underlying issue. This disconcerting sound may arise due to several factors, such as inadequate lubrication of the rollers or the internal components colliding with each other. While the noise itself might be bothersome, it's essential to recognize that these auditory disturbances can lead to more substantial problems if left unresolved.

4. A sagging garage door

If you observe that your garage door has developed a noticeable sag, addressing this issue might involve a straightforward solution such as tweaking the hinges. The gradual wear and tear stemming from the door's weight can lead to the erosion of the wood and a subsequent dipping effect over the passage of time. It's crucial to recognize that even seemingly minor discrepancies in the alignment of your garage door can eventually evolve into more significant problems if left unattended.

5. Malfunctioning garage door opener

Garage door openers can be unresponsive at times due to several reasons. Perhaps there's an electrical issue, or the controls got fried. If your garage door doesn't work without the manual button, this may indicate that you need to replace the opener itself.

Similarly, if the opener lights flash on and off, this can indicate that you have a connectivity problem. We recommend calling our garage door repair team near you in Layton for this problem. Performing DIY repairs can cause more damage or void the warranty, especially if you have no prior experience or training.

an image of a blue garage door needing help to Fix Garage Door

Utah Garage Door Repair

If you notice that your garage door is hard to open or has stopped working altogether, don't wait for the problem to worsen. After all, the last thing you would want is to find a collapsed garage door and yourself frantically googling "fix garage door near me.

While repairing a garage door in Layton, Bountiful, or Ogden may seem daunting, keep in mind that our professionals can help you 24/7. Just schedule an appointment with us or visit our head office in Layton, UT.

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