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Know When to Replace Garage Door Springs

Know When To Replace Garage Door Springs

Know When to Replace Garage Door Springs

November 20, 2023

Do you want to know When to Replace Garage Door Springs ? This blog post is for you.

Your garage door is an essential element of your home, providing security, insulation and conveniences such as parking or storage spaces. The garage door springs, largely overlooked until dysfunction occurs, form a critical component of a well-functioning garage door system. Understanding their lifecycle can save you from inconvenient and potentially dangerous situations. So, how do you know when to replace them?

Understanding the Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage doors rely on a complex mechanism that includes various moving parts working together to ensure smooth and efficient operation. One of the most crucial components of this setup is garage door springs. There are two common types of garage door springs: Torsion springs and Extension springs. Both have unique features, capabilities, and applications that cater to different needs of garage doors.

Rusty Garage Door Spring
An Old Garage Door Spring

Torsion Springs

  • Usage: Commonly used for heavier or double-sized garage doors
  • Mechanism: Rely on torque (rotational power) to lift the garage door
  • Positioning: Horizontally above the garage door opening, mounted on a metal rod
  • Operation: As the door lowers, springs wind up storing energy, which is released when the door is lifted
  • Determination of Quantity and Size: Door's weight, height, type, track radius, and available overhead space

Extension Springs

  • Usage: Mainly used in lighter, single-car garage doors
  • Size and Weight: Smaller and lighter compared to torsion springs
  • Positioning: Installed on either side of the garage door track, above the horizontal tracks
  • Mechanism: Stretch or extend when the garage door closes, storing energy then contracting to lift the door
  • Principle: Both types of springs work based on the principle of counterbalance

By understanding the types of garage door springs and their specific requirements, you can better maintain them, and choose the perfect fit for any replacements or upgrades.

Common Signs of Wear and Tear

Garage door springs, like any mechanical component, are subject to wear and tear over time. They play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of your garage doors, countering the heavy weight of the door itself. As springs reach their life limit, they start exhibiting certain signs that hint towards imminent failure. Noticing and addressing these early can save you from unexpected inconvenience and potential hazards. Let's look at these indicators in detail:

Difficulty in Opening or Closing the Door

This is often the first noticeable signal that something isn't right. Deteriorating springs lose their torsion or extension capabilities, making it harder to lift the door or close it smoothly. If your door seems unusually heavy or hard to lift, or if it shuts too rapidly, there's a good chance your springs are wearing out.

Loud Noise

Garage door springs store considerable amounts of tension, and when a spring breaks, that tension is released suddenly, causing a loud bang or noise. If you hear a noise that sounds like a firecracker or gunshot from the direction of the garage, it may be a sign that a spring has broken.

Uneven Door Movement

Wear or breakage might cause unevenness or issues in the door's balance during movement. If you notice that the door is not perfectly horizontal when halfway open, one spring may be tighter than the other, indicating wear.

Gap in Springs

Another clear sign that your springs have broken is a visible gap in what was once a single, unified spring. In torsion springs, this could appear as a gap of a few inches, while in extension springs, the gap might be more noticeable.

Excessive Vibration

While some degree of vibration is typical during garage door operation, excessive shaking or vibration can indicate a problem. This might be a sign that the springs are strained and close to their breaking point.

Irregular Function

If you observe any irregularity in the function of your garage, such as jerky movements or quicker descent, it may be due to failing springs.

Stay vigilant and routinely inspect your garage door springs for these signs. If you notice any, it's best to involve a professional as soon as possible. Handling the high-tension springs can be dangerous and thus, should be left to experts.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Vital

Regular maintenance of garage door springs is crucial to the longevity, safety, and smooth operation of your garage door. By scheduling routine checks and performing specific upkeep tasks, you can both prevent potential issues and extend the life of your springs. Below are some reasons illustrating why regular maintenance is vital:

Proactive Problem Identification

By maintaining a regular maintenance schedule, you have the opportunity to catch problems early while they are still minor, which can be a cost-effective strategy. Over time, this can help you avoid sudden breakdowns and the associated inconvenience and safety concerns.

Prolonged Lifespan of Springs and Door

Timely maintenance, including lubrication, cleaning, and adjustments, can significantly extend the life of your garage door springs and in turn, the door itself. This makes for a sound, long-term investment, saving you from premature replacement costs.

Enhanced Safety

Garage doors are heavy and their springs are under high tension. Any malfunction can pose serious safety risks. Regular check-ups help ensure the necessary components are in a good state to operate reliably and safely.

Improved Performance and Functionality

Regular maintenance helps your garage door perform better and operate more smoothly. It ensures your door opens and closes fully, operates quietly, and provides the convenience a garage door should.

Preserved Appearance

Routine cleaning as a part of your maintenance schedule helps in keeping your garage door's look pristine and well-preserved. A worn-out looking door can negatively affect your home’s overall curb appeal.

Maintain Valid Warranties

In some instances, failing to perform recommended maintenance can void your manufacturer's warranty on the springs or other garage door parts. Keeping up with maintenance can help you keep these warranties intact should a problem arise.

Replacement of Garage Door Spring
Replacing the Garage Door Spring

Maintaining Your Garage Door and Springs

The specifics of your maintenance tasks depend on the type of garage door and springs you have. Most routine maintenance practices include:

  • Routine Checks: Regular examination of garage door springs for signs of wear and tear
  • Lubrication: Proper lubrication of springs to minimize friction and wear
  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning to prevent rust and corrosion of springs
  • Balance Testing: Ensuring the smooth and balanced operation of the garage door

Remember, while routine maintenance is beneficial, dealing with high-tension components like garage door springs can be risky. It is advisable to not only perform these tasks timely but also under the guidance of a professional.

When to Replace Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs bear an enormous amount of tension as they function to lift and lower heavy garage doors. Over time, wear and tear inevitably set in, demanding their replacement. Recognizing signs of spring failure is crucial to avoid any potential hazards. Replacement isn't just a response to a complete spring break; there are instances when springs may need to be replaced before they fail completely. Let's discuss the circumstances in which you should consider getting your garage door springs replaced:

Marked Difficulty in Door Operation

Near the end of their life cycle, springs lose their strength, making it harder to open or close the garage door smoothly. If your door seems unusually heavy, hard to lift, or shuts too quickly, it may be time to replace your springs.

Visibly Worn Sprigs

Physical changes such as rust, gaps, or distortion in the springs are clear signs of extreme wear. In such cases, you should replace the springs promptly to avoid any risk of sudden breakage.

Faulty Balance

A properly balanced garage door stays in place when lifted halfway and let go. If your door springs back or falls when released, it might be a problem with the springs. Professional testing can further confirm this issue, leading to spring replacement.

Long Service Life

Garage door springs, depending on their quality and usage, typically last between 7-9 years. If your springs are in this age range or older, it might be best to replace them proactively to avoid sudden failure down the line.

Recurrent Repair Requirements

If your garage door springs need frequent repairs, it could signify that they are at the end of their service life. In the long run, replacing these springs could be more cost-effective than paying for recurrent repair services.

When it comes to replacement, due to the high tension in springs, DIY replacement can be highly risky and is not recommended. A sudden release of this tension during removal or installation can lead to severe injuries. It's best to hire a professional for this task. Experienced professionals can handle these high-risk components safely, ensuring an effective replacement that contributes to the durability and improved functioning of your garage door.

Cost Considerations for Garage Door Spring Replacement

When it comes to replacing garage door springs, various factors can influence the total cost of the project. While it's an essential investment for the smooth operation and safety of your door, understanding these cost elements can help you plan effectively and get a fair deal. Here's what to consider:

Type of Spring

The type of spring can significantly impact the cost. Generally, torsion springs are more expensive than extension springs due to their durability and optimal performance for heavier doors.

Labor Charges

Labor costs can vary depending on your location and the complexity of the job. This cost typically includes removing the old springs and installing the new ones, but also should consider the technician's professional expertise and experience.

Additional Repairs or Replacements

If other parts of your garage door system also need repair or replacement (like cables, rollers, or the door itself), this will add to the overall cost. A comprehensive inspection should reveal any such additional needs.

Quality of Springs

Higher-end springs may have a higher upfront cost, but they also tend to have a longer lifespan, which can save you money over time. Choosing springs that strike a balance between cost and quality can be beneficial in the long run.

Given these considerations, it's essential to get multiple quotes before settling on a service provider. This step ensures you get competitive pricing and a transparent breakdown of costs. It also allows you to compare services and make the best choice for your needs and budget.Professional Services for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Replacing garage door springs indeed involves specific tools, training, and skills that professionals possess. Acting on your own could lead to injuries or improper installation, so it's best to hire professionals who could also provide benefits like warranty and peace of mind. Be sure to choose reliable and reputable professionals in your area.

Professional Services for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Replacing garage door springs is a precise and potentially hazardous task with little room for errors or amateur attempts. It requires specialized tools, training, and in-depth knowledge that professionals in the field possess.

The Risk of DIY Replacement

Emphasizing the importance of training and expertise stems from understanding the inherent risks posed by DIY replacements. When handling garage door springs, the high tension they withhold poses a severe safety threat if not properly managed. 

Incorrect maneuvers could lead to a sudden release of this pent-up energy, causing potential injuries. Additionally, improper installation often leads to operational difficulties and further complications. Therefore, this task is best left to professionals.

Why Hire Professionals?

Professional installers not only ensure a correct and safe installation of springs but also relieve spring replacement's daunting ordeal. With their experience, professionals can promptly and efficiently execute the task, saving your time and effort. Most services also include a warranty on their work, providing you coverage in case any issues arise post-installation.

Peace of mind is one of the implicit benefits that accompany professional services. Knowing that someone with the right skills and experience is performing the job means you don't have to worry about safety risks or potential errors.

Choosing the Right Professional

When hiring a professional for garage door spring replacement, it's crucial to find a reputable and trustworthy service. In this regard, Right Choice Doors checks all the boxes.

Right Choice Doors is renowned for its skilled technicians, quality service, and customer satisfaction. Our team is trained to handle multiple types of garage door repairs and replacements, ensuring accuracy in every task. With fast response times, competitive pricing, and dedication towards our work, Right Choice Doors deftly manages both safety and efficacy during garage door spring replacement.

By choosing Right Choice Doors, you're ensuring your garage door receives the service it needs while you enjoy a seamless experience, reaffirming the decision as the right choice.

Support for a Garage Door
Installing a Support for Garage Door


In essence, the lifecycle of your garage door springs plays a key role in maintaining a smooth and safe operation of your garage door. Routine checks and maintenance, coupled with professional guidance, can not only prolong the lifespan of your garage door system but also prevent potentially hazardous situations. A proactive approach towards maintenance can save you from unwanted surprises and risks.

When in need of a professional service, consider Right Choice Doors. Our team of experts is only one call away, ready to deliver quality service with its skilled technicians and prompt response times.

Don't compromise safety and operation efficiency, make sure your garage door spring replacement is in the right hands. If you believe it's time for a replacement, or need any other type of garage door service, contact Right Choice Doors today. Choose right and stay safe, stay informed!

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