Garage Door Issues that you should not DIY Repair

Many Utah homeowners are enthusiastic about “do it yourself.” Still, some garage door problems are best repaired by a professional garage door repair specialist. While some garage door issues seem simple and easy, doing repairs without sufficient knowledge and expertise could lead you to injuries. It could even worsen the garage door problem

3 Common Garage Door Issues That You Should Not DIY Repair

Repairing a Broken Spring

Most people think that there’s a one-size-fits-all for broken spring. The springs are calculated accurately to fit your garage door. Repairing a broken spring by yourself exposes you to the risk of getting injuries since there is a lot of tension when doing this repair job. It is best left to the hands of the professionals because they have the expertise in repairing a broken spring.

Undoing Bottom Brackets

You should not remove the brackets of the bottom corners of your garage door when you attempt to remove the brackets on the bottom corners of your garage door. At the same time, under a lot of tension, it will forcefully shoot your garage door. The door will drop and bind it behind. When this happens, it could hit you. That is why you do not have to risk it and call Right Choice Doors Utah to do garage door repair services.

Opener Force Adjustments

When your garage door opener does not open or close completely, you tend to increase the force opener adjustment force. A slight turn on the force opener adjustment can be a costly mistake. If you notice that your garage door does not open or close completely, it is best to contact your local garage door repair service. Right Choice Doors Utah will fix this issue in a shorter amount of time. But when you try to repair it yourself, setting it may become more complicated and more time-consuming. 

Essential Maintenance Tips for your Garage Door this Summer


Give your garage door proper washing to remove the dirt and debris that you accumulated from the winter. A mixture of mild car washing and dishwashing liquid solution with water will do the trick.

Rust Removal

It would be best if you sanded down traces and spots of rust in your metal garage door. Corrosion can spread quickly and easily damage your metal garage door. It is essential to remove rust spots to prolong the lifespan and maintain the efficiency of your garage door.


A fresh coat of paint not only enhances your garage door’s appearance but also protects from harmful elements. A new coat of paint also adds value to your garage door and your home as well. 


You can avail of a  garage door service in your locality. Right Choice Doors Utah offers complete garage door services such as installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance. We also have a high-quality selection of garage doors and openers for you to choose from. 

Why is Spring Season the right time for Garage Door Repair?

Spring is a season that signals people to make a change. But, it is also the perfect season that rust and debris accumulated from the winter will appear. During the spring season, most garage door services companies have special deals to offer. The weather gets better, and tax returns are coming in, putting customers in the best possible buying position. 

Contact Right Choice Doors Utah for your Garage Door Repair Service

Right Choice Doors offers a 24/7 garage door service such as installation, repairs, and maintenance to Salt Lake City, Layton, Ogden, and Bountiful, Utah. We have a team of professionals ready to repair your broken garage door or install a new one if needed. Call us at 801-876-1687 or go to our website and book your garage door appointment today!

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