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A damaged garage door or a broken spring can cost you time and money. In some cases, they can even create hazards that can endanger your family or people at your place of business. If you need garage door service or garage door opener repairs, you will never go wrong with Right Choice Doors.

Why hire Right Choice Doors for your garage door repair needs in Bountiful?

Right Choice Doors is a family operated and locally owned business that handles all kinds of garage door repair and maintenance services in Utah. Our professional technicians have years of industry experience, and they share the same passion for garage doors and the improvement of residential and commercial spaces.

Having satisfied hundreds of new and returning customers alike, we have garnered an average of 5 out of 5 stars in Google reviews. Our clients in Bountiful, UT, say we have the best garage door services, and we agree:

“Great value and garage door repair services. Kyle and his team are honest, and that is very difficult to find nowadays.” – Marleen W.

“The crew was so knowledgeable on garage doors. Kyle and company fixed our problems and went out of their way to help us figure out our options.” – Mel O.

Emergency Garage Door Repair and Installation Services in Bountiful UT

Our lines are open 24 hours from Mondays through Sundays. Just call us at (801) 876-1687, and our team will drive to you shortly wherever you are in Bountiful, Layton, Ogden, Salt Lake City, and surrounding towns in Utah. Right Choice Doors’ service trucks carry the parts and equipment needed for most garage door problems like a broken spring or a faulty garage door opener, so our team can fix yours right on the spot.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement in Bountiful

If the remote control is not working or if the door does not open all the way, your garage door opener may have problems. The opener is the central motorized component that facilitates the raising and lowering of the garage door.


Our team can perform garage door services on any model and opener drive type, whether it is a chain, screw, belt, jackshaft, or direct drive model. We also fix electrical and computerized components for modern openers so you can operate your garage door again with a remote and the wall switch alike.


In case your opener is worn-out or irreparably damaged, you can choose from our inventory of high-quality door openers from LiftMaster. You can also dial (801) 876-1687 to get a free garage door repair quote from our friendly technicians.

All Kinds of Garage Door Repair Services in Bountiful UT

Right Choice Doors offers various repair and maintenance services on all garage door components, both big and small. We have the proper equipment for dealing with the specific needs of residential garage doors and bigger, heavy-duty ones used in commercial establishments.


Here are the most popularly requested garage door services by customers in Bountiful, the Greater Salt Lake City Area, and surrounding cities in Utah :

Torsion springs are essential for transmitting the energy from the opener to the cables. They practically help lift the entire weight of the door using their stored potential energy. However, they have limited raising and lowering cycles, so you need to replace them after a few years.


Using the springs beyond their recommended lifespan may cause them to snap, resulting in potential dangers to you and your property. Our Bountiful garage door repair shop offers long-lasting torsion springs that can last up to 40,000 cycles.

Cables for garage doors are heavy-duty and require little maintenance. However, they can grow weaker after several years. As part of our 25-point inspection services, we can determine if your cables need replacement and identify if there are protrusions that can potentially cause fraying or weakening.

Tracks are fixtures that guide the door whenever you operate it. Due to natural wear and tear, corrosion, or accidental impacts, they can get bent or misaligned. Damaged tracks are one of the most common reasons why doors get stuck midway. We can realign your tracks or replace them if they are severely damaged.

A noisy garage door is a symptom of worn-out rollers. These are small wheels that help the door move along the tracks. Their bearings can get damaged over time, and this may cause erratic or noisy movement. We can replace them with new, high-quality ones to restore the garage door’s performance.

Garage doors have infrared sensors that let them know whether there are obstructions on the way. A malfunctioning sensor can cause the garage door opener to close even when there is no obstruction or prevent the door from closing at all.


In most cases, we can solve the problem by cleaning or realigning the sensors. We can also repair or replace them, if needed, to make your garage door fully functional again.

The panels can get damaged due to accidents at home or your workplace in Bountiful. For example, your garage at home may be near your kid’s playground or other sporting equipment which makes it prone to accidents. Damaged panels or broken glass don’t look good, and they may compromise your garage door’s functionality.


We can install individual panels to restore the looks and performance of your garage door. With our expansive catalog of designs and finishes, you will definitely find one that matches your home. You may also visit our Bountiful garage door repair showroom to check our inventory of panels and glasses.

Installation and Door Service for Residential Garage Doors

Are you planning a home improvement project that involves a garage door installation service? If yes, then you should look no further. We offer installation services and garage door replacement at very reasonable prices. Just call us to get free project cost information for a garage repair or door service.


Rest assured that we will help you get the most value for your hard-earned money and find a new garage door that matches your budget. We aim to provide an excellent service to make your home more secure and aesthetically-appealing.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance and Inspection

We also offer inspection, garage repair, garage door replacement, and tune-up services in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, and nearby areas in the Greater Salt Lake Area and Davis County, Utah. After all, garage doors are like cars and factory equipment that need regular lubrication and maintenance. A new garage door may be responsive and easy to operate, but wear and tear will likely result in performance issues over time. As such, we will perform a systematic 25-point inspection that leaves no part unexamined.


Our honest and knowledgeable technicians provide recommendations for potential parts replacement, garage door service, and repair, and we offer these at very reasonable prices. We can also tighten your brackets and hardware assembly so that they are well-secured. Furthermore, you can count on us to objectively recommend the best door service for your convenience, safety, and security without breaking your wallet.

Best Garage Door Service and Garage Door Replacement Warranty in Utah

We aim to provide the best experience and peace of mind to our garage door service customers. That’s why our work is backed by a limited warranty for qualifying services and parts like garage door openers.


You can count on our garage door service technicians to deliver quality work and after-purchase assistance should you have questions or concerns. Our lines are always open for you.

Bountiful Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

You can send us a message or call (801) 876-1687 for any garage door concerns or if you’d like to get a free quote for a garage door service.


Right Choice Doors is open 24/7, and our experienced technicians can handle emergency repairs or garage door replacement at no extra charge for businesses and residential garage doors. We provide all kinds of maintenance and repair services for garage doors in Bountiful UT, Salt Lake City, Layton, Ogden, and neighboring towns in Salt Lake and Davis County. Our garage repair techs will ensure that you receive the excellent service that you deserve.

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Video Testimonials


Based on 88 reviews.
steve vlaming
steve vlaming
Great local company to work with. Kyle took great care of me, explained in detail what he was doing. Did everything I needed done.
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall
Great small business with competitive prices and fast service.
Heather Plumb
Heather Plumb
Our garage door broke and my husband tried to DIY it so it would close. It ended up doing more damage than good but luckily I asked our neighborhood Facebook page of who to call and hands down they led me to Kyle with Right Choice Doors. Not only did he respond quickly, but he came out the very next day. Even offered to come out that night! He help fix it enough to get my car out then fit me in to replace the whole door and mechanisms the day after! He was very professional and very knowledgeable! He's one of the friendliest service people I've every met! Thanks Kyle! We'll definitely call you for any future garage door needs!
Sydney Price
Sydney Price
Right Choice Doors is a very fast, friendly, and HONEST company! They will not push you around and try to rip you off extra. They were highly recommend on social media (facebook) I worked with Kyle, he came out fast and was super honest about what was wrong with my opener. He gave me different options and affordable prices. Right Choice Doors was my "Second Option" they were a fraction of the cost of the bigger company! THANKS AGAIN!!!!
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez
I called them after my wife accidentally crashed onto our garage door from the inside. They were at my house an hour later and the problem was fixed in under 30 minutes. I am amazed at how promp and awesome these guys are! Thank you Kyle and Jessie!
Danielle Lacefield
Danielle Lacefield
They did a great job replacing our garage door! Very professional, honest, and polite. They gave us all of our options without being pushy, and now our garage door works! I'd definitely use them again.
Katherine Madge
Katherine Madge
What great service and great prices! I would highly recommend them for not only the quick and professional services but for the competitive prices. The service is professional and personable. I couldn't be happier!
Gordon Ferris
Gordon Ferris
Right Choice Doors responds quickly, knows what they are doing, and provides quality craftmanship - even when working on doors and systems that they did not install. About 12 years ago, the springs broke on the garage door of my home. I had another company replace the spring, and paid extra for "..oversized springs that would last forever". But these replacement springs broke after just 12 years. This time, I contacted Right Choice Doors, and they quickly responded. Kyle (from Right Choice Doors) examined my door, springs, and the rest of door system. He explained to me that the replacement spring diameter was too small, and that the springs had been overtightened to have enough tension - which had caused the premature failure. Kyle took the time to select the correct diameter of spring and also examined the overall condition of the door and tracks. He observed issues with some of the rollers and replaced them; he also helped straighten and align the tracks (which had gotten bent over the years). One of the final touches that I liked was when Kyle had mostly finished but the door was still disconnected from the motor, that he used just 2 fingers to lift the door to verify that everything was properly balanced and would not overload the motor when it was connected.
Corey Dahl
Corey Dahl
Amazing fast responsive worker and company. Kyle was great to work with and very reasonable pricing. Will not up charge and is very knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to reach out
Kyle came out to fix my garage door sensors. They were not working properly and making it so my garage door would not close when the sun would shine on them. He was so kind and friendly and reasonably priced! He went above and beyond fixing prior mistakes made (by Advanced Door). I will be recommending Right Choice Doors to all of my family and friends!

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