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Why Your Garage May Be The Reason Your Home Is Hot

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Why Your Garage May Be The Reason Your Home Is Hot

May 15, 2023

Are you feeling the heat? If so, it might be time to check your garage. As summer seasons continue to get hotter and hotter each year, homeowners are increasingly likely to encounter a familiar problem: an unbearably hot home interior caused by excessive heat radiating in from their garages. Whether due to poorly sealed walls or inadequate insulation, these tiny spaces can become a major issue when keeping vital areas of your house cool. 

At Right Choice Doors, we specialize in garage door repair and installation in Ogden, UT, and provide the most efficient solutions for comfort and energy efficiency. Our experts understand that a good garage door can make or break your home’s temperature control system. We are committed to offering the highest quality services at competitive prices with exceptional customer care.

Understanding Garage Doors and Their Impact on Home Temperature

Have you ever wondered about the role of your garage door in maintaining the temperature and comfort levels inside your home? If yes, then you’re in the right place! Garage doors are essential components of modern homes, and their impact on maintaining temperature levels is often overlooked.

Material Affects Insulation

Regarding garage doors, material plays a crucial role in regulating the temperature inside the house. A garage door made of steel or aluminum may be the right choice if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, but it may need to be more energy-efficient. 

Meanwhile, wooden garage doors are excellent at insulation and can help maintain the temperature inside your home. Insulated garage doors can help prevent air leakage around the door edges and keep your home comfortable even during extreme temperatures.

The Role of Windows

Windows on garage doors can benefit homeowners looking to balance temperature control with light and ventilation. However, they can also be a source of energy loss. Garage door windows can make your house hotter if they are not sealed and insulated properly. 

This means that the air from outside can come in, making the inside of your house warmer. If you have windows on your garage door, consider installing double-paned or Low-E windows that reduce the amount of heat transfer.

Proper Sealing

Proper sealing on your garage door can minimize the heat that escapes your home. Sealing the garage door is essential to preventing air leaks, which can cause temperature fluctuations in your home. Properly sealing your garage door will help keep the temperature inside your house even higher.

Sealing the door stops air from leaking out of your garage and into your home, which helps keep the heat where it needs to be. Avoid installing a loose-fitting garage door and consider investing in weather-stripping or thresholds for proper sealing.

Smart Openers

Smart garage door openers are integral to temperature regulation in modern homes. Allowing homeowners to operate their garage doors remotely provides an added layer of control when managing the temperature within their residence. 

With a smart opener, users can open or close their garage door from anywhere with the help of an app and maximize the energy efficiency of their home. It helps to keep your home cool because the air can't escape. It also helps regulate the temperature inside.

Professional Installation

Consider hiring a professional like Right Choice Doors to assess your garage door and advise you on improving its energy efficiency. An expert on garage doors can provide tips on proper installation, insulation, and sealing to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Dangers of Faulty or Outdated Garage Door Systems

The struggle to keep cool during the hot summer can be a daily challenge for many homeowners. From keeping the air conditioning running non-stop to ensuring that blinds are drawn to keep out the sunshine, many homeowners do all they can to keep the temperature comfortable. 

However, one often overlooked factor in overheating homes is the garage door. Faulty or outdated garage door systems can contribute significantly to an overheated home and, in some cases, even pose health risks.

Trapping Heat

One of the most significant dangers of a faulty or outdated garage door system is trapping heat inside the garage. Older garage doors often lack the necessary insulation to prevent heat from entering, which can cause the garage to overheat. This, in turn, can cause the heat to seep into the home, making it uncomfortable.

Health Risks

A faulty or outdated garage door system can also pose health risks to homeowners. High temperatures can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be dangerous and even fatal. In addition to these risks, chemical fumes from typical garage items such as gasoline, paint, and cleaning supplies can also increase heat, creating health problems.

Power Costs

A poorly insulated garage door can cause the temperature inside the home to increase, resulting in the need to run the air conditioning system for longer periods of time. This can cause energy bills to skyrocket, leading to unnecessary expenses.

Reduced Lifespan

A faulty or outdated garage door system can affect the garage door's lifespan. Heat can cause the door's components, such as springs and rollers, to weaken, causing the door to become less effective at doing its job. This can make the door less secure and more prone to break-ins or accidents.

Reduced Home Value

A faulty or outdated garage door system can also reduce the value of your home. A garage door that lacks insulation, is damaged, or looks outdated can be a red flag to potential buyers when selling your home. Replacing an old garage door system can increase the ambient temperature in your home and the value of your property.

Benefits of a Professional Garage Door and Installation in Ogden, UT

Garage doors are typically the biggest entrance to our homes, exposing us to various outside threats. Sometimes, malfunctioning garage doors might result in rising energy bills and even put us at risk of burglary. 

Installing professional garage doors and seeking professional installation services come with numerous benefits. In Ogden, UT, Right Choice Doors is the ideal company to contact for installation services.

Energy Efficiency

The garage door is the largest opening in your home and can affect your home's energy efficiency. An outdated garage door could let heat seep inside your house, rapidly increasing electricity bills. On the other hand, a professional garage door has an insulation material that reduces heat from entering and exiting your home. This way, you can save on electricity bills.


When you hire a professional garage door installation company like Right Choice Doors, you're guaranteed that the garage door will have a longer lifespan. Our team ensures the door seal is tight, the mechanism works correctly, and we install the best quality doors available in Ogden, UT. You won't have to worry about frequent garage door repairs as our doors are made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Improved Security

An efficient garage door should keep your home cooler and provide an added layer of security. A garage door installation company like Right Choice Doors ensures the door has strong locks and a secure operating mechanism. With our expertise, you can be confident that your home is safer and more secure from potential break-ins.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Nowadays, the garage door is one of the most essential parts of your home's exterior. With a professional garage door installation, you can customize it to match your home's architectural style and add personality to your house's curb appeal. You can choose from different colors, patterns, and materials that suit your home and add value to its aesthetic appeal.

Cooler Home Temperature

A faulty garage door will cause your home's temperature to rise, making it hard to stay comfortable. With a professional installation from Right Choice Doors, you can enjoy cooler temperatures in your home, even during intense heat. Our team ensures that the seals and insulation are up-to-date, keeping the temperature in your home at a minimum.

Regular Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer Months

Keeping your garage door well-maintained during the hot summer months can be beneficial in several ways. Not only will regular maintenance help to keep your home cool, but it will also save you money on energy costs. Here are some helpful tips from Right Choice Doors to help maintain a secure and effective garage door through the sweltering summer months.

Inspecting your garage door regularly is the first step to keeping it running properly. You must check for signs of damage, such as cracks or rust, that may cause problems down the road. Additionally, watch for dirt or debris build-up that could hinder its operation during hot weather. Make sure all moving parts—such as rollers and springs—are well lubricated with a suitable grease, as this can minimize both friction and sound while in use.

It’s also important to consider replacing an aging garage door opener with one with higher energy efficiency ratings, especially if the motor has been running louder than usual. Doing so could reduce energy costs by up to 50%. Right Choice Doors offers professional installation services for any residential or commercial property needing a garage door upgrade this summer.

Lastly, consider investing in insulation materials such as weather stripping or foam panels to limit how much cool air escapes under the garage door during normal use. Insulation is especially beneficial if you live in a region with consistently high temperatures throughout the year.

Right Choice Doors

Know When To Call The Pros in Ogden, Utah!

Awareness of garage doors' role in your home's temperature is essential. Not only can they be a factor in keeping your home cool during hot summer months, but they can also allow air leaks that could dramatically increase temperatures. You must consider the dangers and risks of having an outdated or faulty unit and what a professional replacement in Ogden, UT, could mean for energy efficiency. Regular maintenance should also be factored in as a preventative measure to ensure that insulation is up-to-date. 

Call Right Choice Doors today for professional garage door installation and repairs! Our experts are knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable and can provide the best solutions to keep your home cool during the hot summer months.

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